On The Microweb And Multiple Topics On One Blog

I want to switch things up here. I always considered this blog to be the technical perspective on my live. I always felt that focussing on one topic at a time (and thus, if you want to write about multiple topics, have multiple blogs) is the right thing to do. This is not the case anymore. I’d like to write more and show more of my other passions.

Did you know that I’m also an avid (long distance/ultralight) hiker? I’ve done this for over 15 years now. In my spare time I also (partially) restore a Land Rover Defender Td5 of ‘03. With Google becoming ever more irrelevant, and search engines like kagi or marginalia and the rise of AI-generated garbage SEO becomes less irrelevant anyhow. I think, we’ll move a bit back into the direction of the microweb and personal nieches. No more lost content on facebook, insta, twitter or reddit. More personal blogs, more personal websites.

Because I want to write more, connect more, be part of my communities more, I decided to merge multiple topics on this blog. I’d love to hear thoughts on this if you stumble upon this tiny blog. Shoot me a message on twitter for example.

Maybe I’ll work on topic-specific feeds, but only on popular request. Cheers.