Things that are currently on my mind:

  • continuing to build and scale digital office
  • working on 2markdown: a simple and fast way to convert website content to markdown (let llms read the web)
  • rewriting newsletterify by replacing svelte + graphql backend with htmx + templ, while also adding pagination to increase speed and scalability. I’d also like to add a free trial.
  • working on [], a simple and fast way to get information about airports
  • restoring my Land Rover Defender so I get TÜV in may

For 2markdown and newsletterify I’m looking for a “co-founder”. If you’re interested, please get in contact on twitter. These projects are only ever meant to be small, but I think they could be a lot of fun and potentially profitable. Micro PE is what it’s all about.

This now page was inspired by aboutideasnow.