Getting Lost in Internet Obscurity

For whatever reason, people always felt drawn to mysteries, especially unsolved ones. On this page I would like to collect the ones that drew me in, fascinated by the curiosities of life and tragedy. I fell into a rabbit whole the other day and was procrastinating on modern mysteries and search and rescue stories which I’d like to document here. It’s really interesting as a data point about our modern civilization, where we often get the feeling of absolute security. Sometimes it’s good to shift things into perspective. We can still walk into nature and vanish. We can still board a plane and never arrive at our destination and no one knows what happened. This could be a good reminder about living a purposeful live.

Death Valley Germans

A family of four, originating from Germany get lost in the Death Valley desert in ‘96.

(Source and higher res: reddit)

Additional Resources

Bill Ewasko

People should not be able to disappear, not in this day and age.

Have fun diving into this rabbit hole, but be warned that it may take you a few days to resurface.